Carrier air wing Three


Carrier Air Wing Three - DCS is a Milsim unit for the Simulator, DCS World. CVW-3 was founded in May 2019. CVW-3 was founded by like-minded individuals that were wanting a more unique DCS World Milsim Experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the DCS World Community. It’s current key members are a mixture of, Licenced Pilots, and Experienced members of the Milsim Community from the DCS World community. CVW-3 is a professional, well-structured, well-maintained unit that isn’t afraid of some good ol’ banter. Based on the United States Navy's Carrier Air Wing Three circa 2005. CVW-3 aims to uphold its unique and captivating design, and present it in a way that any Milsim player can understand.

Operation Times

Official Operation Time: Saturday @ 2000 EST

Dedicated Training Days: Tuesday/Thursday @ 2000 EST

Unofficial Events: Wednesday/Friday/Saturday @ 2000 EST

Air Wing Positions

Naval Aviator

Naval Flight Officer

Landing Signal Officer

Air Operations Officer

Safety Officer



Want to join? Feel free to contact us at the following links:

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Carrier Air Wing Three - DCS Is Not Associated With The US Navy. We Do Not Represent The US Navy. We Are A Simulated Flight Group That Operates In Digital Combat Simulator Or DCS World.